Opti-Luxx Unveils New OPTI-360 Initiative

New campaign designed to generate awareness of a bumper-to-bumper line of LED safety products.

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. — Opti-Luxx announced the launch of its OPTI-360 Initiative today. The initiative will support customers with a total vehicle approach for visibility and safety on roadways.

“At Opti-Luxx, we’re passionate about listening to our customers and working to deliver solutions for their unique safety needs. OPTI-360 is what we’re calling that approach — to provide a 360-degree shield of bright and dependable lighting protection around the entirety of the vehicle,” said Sarah Subdon, Sales and Marketing Manager at Opti-Luxx. “We’re able to provide this because we have a vast product portfolio, a strong and expanding dealer network, unmatched service during and after installation, and an unending drive for innovation via constant R & D.”

The OPTI-360 initiative will be a conversation point in the coming months as Opti-Luxx continues to grow its school bus and work truck product portfolios and communicate those capabilities to customers. The campaign arrives at the same time traffic agencies increasingly report marked upticks in distracted, aggressive, impaired, and fatigued drivers along with more weather-related driving incidents out on the roadways. OPTI-360 sends a clear signal that  Opti-Luxx is more ready than ever to help school and work truck fleets stay highly visible and as safe, even as the overall traffic safety outlook dims.

Opti-Luxx General Manager Frank Li added, “When school districts and fleet managers choose Opti-Luxx as their lighting supplier, they know they’re giving their drivers the brightest and best LED lights available to stay visible, respected, and safe. We’ve always had the core belief that Seeing IS Safety — and we now give additional definition to that belief with the OPTI-360 initiative. We design and manufacture multiple lighting options for all sides of our customer’s vehicle. There aren’t many suppliers that can make that same claim.”

Beyond an ever-expanding LED Portfolio, the overall customer experience at Opti-Luxx is consistently esteemed and highly-rated. This helps make a company-wide initiative like OPTI-360 seamless, with employees from engineering to customer sales and service teams all engaged and ready to develop and deploy 360-degree shields of visual safety for any vehicle fleet.

“People already love working with us, and I think this initiative will further enhance that. Everyone is on board and ready to help customers ensure they have the best safety lighting installed, bumper-to-bumper. Sometimes a customer might only need a light or two, other times a complete 360-degree upfit makes sense. Whatever the need is, we can meet it. Even if a customer has a highly specialized need, we can work to craft a lightning plan that ensures visibility from every possible angle — and by the way, that includes the interior of the vehicle. We have high-performing cargo, step, and dome light products that make work zones, loading areas, and interior spaces more visible, and more safe to occupy,” added Subdon.

The OPTI-360 initiative is currently active and will be featured in the Opti-Luxx booth at the Student Transportation News Expo in Reno Nevada beginning July 12, 2024. More information is available at: https://opti-luxx.com/events/


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