The New LED Retroreflective Destination Sign is here!

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At Opti-Luxx, we pride ourselves on developing industry-leading, high-quality LED lighting solutions for school buses and commercial vehicles—the brightest and best.

The latest innovation from Opti-Luxx is our LED Retroreflective Destination Sign for school buses. The development of our Destination Sign was in direct response to the requests from our OEM and other customer partners who desired improvements to the existing signage options available for school buses. To meet the need, Opti-Luxx engineers took a methodical approach to prototyping many iterations over several years and perfected a new design, ultimately releasing the best final product for the industry— truly the next evolutionary leap in backlit, reflective signage!

Technical Specifications
37.1" Length x 10.78" Width x 1.15" Depth
Input Voltage
9-16 Volts
Current Draw
3.48A @ 13.5 Vdc, Min/Max 0.35A/54.A
LED Count
912 LEDs Color White
Reflective Sheeting
School Bus Yellow Transparent
Surface Mount, Grommet Hole, (8) #10 Screws (Template)
NHTSA Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 17, NYCRR Title 17, Part 720.3 (B)
IP Code
3 years
Opti-Luxx Part No.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Opti-Luxx Destination Sign is designed to universally fit most makes and models of buses with standard flat-surface roof caps (see example, below).

school bus with flat surface roof cap

We have the exact sizing specifications available, as well as a template that you can download here. You can also request a sample from your account manager to ensure that it will fit on your specific vehicle.

Currently, you can order the Opti-Luxx Destination Sign as a factory-installed option from Blue Bird, and we are working with our other OEM partners to offer the same. If not available from the factory for your specific bus model, check with your bus dealership to see if you can purchase the Opti-Luxx Destination Sign as a dealer-installed option. If not, you can simply purchase a sign directly or via an Opti-Luxx distributor and install!

The Destination Sign has a three-year warranty.

All Opti-Luxx Destination Signs have been tested for and meet the requirements of the following: NHSTA Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 17; NYCRR Title 17, Part 720.3 (B).

Our initial launch of the Destination Sign is “SCHOOL BUS”, but the design of our sign base allows for us to develop future signage options that might include foreign language School Bus signs, activity/work buses, and even warning signs for other commercial vehicles. If you are interested in other options for the Destination Sign, please contact us.

Yes! Beginning in October 2023, the LED Destination Sign is available through Navistar Direct Ship with Part Number SO100LI1005, and Blue Bird Direct Ship with Part Number BB10080551-A.

This past year, we have been forced to defend our Destination Sign-and our company-against lawsuits filed by another company that offers a similar competing product. Be assured there are no issues with Opti-Luxx customers purchasing the Destination Sign, and our legal team has successfully been able to prove that our product does not infringe on any other company’s intellectual property. Please click here to read our full response.

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